ux/ui designer
based in beirut, lebanon

bebw' shebbek

UX/UI Design
under bananamonkey.

“Bebw’shebbek was born in the aftermath of the Beirut Blast on August 4th 2020. The blast killed over 200 innocent people, left 6,000 injured or mutilated, caused damage or destroyed 80,000 homes & left 300,000 people displaced. Bebw’shebbek’s mission is to replace the doors and windows of the destroyed homes, bringing them back — as closely as possible — to how they looked before the explosion.”

I worked on this project as the lead UX/UI designer under bananamonkey.

Duration: 2 weeks

Methods: Client workshops, wireframes, prototyping

Tools: Adobe XD, Principle, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Final Product: bebwshebbek.org